Summer fun in 2010!

So it has been forever since I have blogged and I am so behind and I don't really have a good excuse as to why Im behind but now it is time for some major catch up before it gets any worst!!

We had a great summer this year with lots of activities. My favorite of course is swimming some days Bella and I would go for just an hour just for some fun in the sun!! We also enjoyed bbq in our back yard, golfing--Bella liked driving in the golf cart!! We also enjoyed going to parades and getting lots of candy!! The zoo was an enjoyable activity too! We loved being outside everyday playing with sidewalk chalk, riding tricycle, swimming in the tiny pool with neighbor friends!

Sorry about the picture overload but these are just a few that show what a great time we had!!


summer of camping!!

So this summer we went camping alot!! But had a great time everytime we went.. My Brother and sister in law have a wicked cool old tent trailer that we are lucky enough to stay in!! Bella loves it she sweeps the floor and calls it her little house. Some of the places we went to are Big Springs, Hycee, and leador.. We always have a great time with all of the family and of course its not camping unless we take out the dirt bikes!

This was the first year that I rode my own dirt bike and for the most part I did pretty good with just one injury not too bad for a rookie! We always eat super good when were camping too thanks to Aarons family who like to camp with style and not just old hot dogs but dont get me wrong we still had a few good camp fire hotdogs!


Fly a kite!

Lets go fly a kite!! so this was a long time ago but i have been slacking on the blogging so here it goes!! We had a picnic at my brother in laws house and then we all went to the park and flew some kites! It was a windy day ..in idaho i know that is hard to imagine!! Bella loved every minute of it..she didn't want anyone to help her she just liked running with it and every once in awhile the kite actually went in the air!! Needless to say by the end of the day that kite ended up in the trash! i want to say this was sometime in april or may!! i guess thats what happens when you wait forever to blog!!


Coloring Eggs!

So this was Bellas first year that I actually let her just go crazy and color some eggs!! We went to Aarons sisters house to color the eggs. She thought it was super neat that they were turning colors.. I was actually pretty impressed with how little of a mess Bella made! After the eggs dried she had fun putting princess stickers on them! Aaron actually made the best looking egg but unfortunatly it got cracked thru the excitement of it all!


We Love Dora

Okay so at our house as soon as Bella wakes up she says Tb =Tv on, Dora!! So being the princess she is we turn on the Tv and she enjoys her show! Well the other day on Dora they sang a song about chocolate and now its a favorite song to sing in our house!! Enjoy the movie!!


Valentines Day

So this year for Valentines we just kept it really simple but it was still nice!! I got Bella a cute new shirt and some candy and We got daddy some candy and some lotto tickets we were hoping for a big winner but no luck! I had to work so before work me and Bella made a heart cake and Bella love putting the candy on the cake it turned out cute and was a great dessert!!
This is Bella in her new valentines shirt and her cute necklace and braclet grandma judy mailed her she was so excited to get mail!!
I asked Bella if i could wear her necklace to work and she said "no Bella only!!"
Since i had to work that day Aaron took me out to a movie the next night and we had a fun little date!! I love Aaron and Bella so so much they are the best gift I have ever recieved!!


Finger paints!!

So I have had finger paints that I bought at the dollar store forever ago but I just have not been brave enough to let Bella play with them and make a huge mess! But the other day My two nieces were over at our house so i decided to bust out the finger paints!! I was surprised at how well they did at keeping it on the paper and I didn't have that big of a mess to clean up! At first Bella wasn't too sure about it she would dip her finger in it and say yucky and want me to wash it off but then after a few trys she decided it was pretty fun to draw with your fingers!! We will definetly play with finger paint again!